Seniors studying communication gathered together on Thursday, June 23, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center to display their senior projects in the Communication Senior Showcase.

Students select various topics that are important to them and formulate a final project as a culmination of the skills they developed while attending BYU-I, according to the BYU-I website.

Adam Doan, a senior studying communication, said he developed a wakeboard and wakeskate blog, called My Wake Set, designed to help beginners learn new tricks.

“I noticed that there were a number of trick-tips focused on how to do different flips and spins, but there wasn’t really anything for grinds and rails,” Doan said. “My friends and I decided we wanted to do something about that.”

Doan said he decided on this project because he noticed a void he could fill in a field he is passionate about.

“This was a passion project for me,” Doan said. “Wakeskating is still a pretty new thing so my friend ‘Stinky’ and I just wanted to contribute where we could.”

Jacob Nowlin, a senior studying communication, said he helped a clothing company called Koroski Apparel get set up and market themselves on social media.

“I eventually want to do this as a career, so I thought it would be a good excuse to do it as a final project,” Nowlin said. “I basically just told them what they needed to do better and gave them some examples of how I could help them improve.”

Tobie Madsen, a senior studying communication, said she created an online print shop, called Early Bird Print Shop, where she sells original prints that she designs.

“I already had a pretty solid knowledge of Photoshop, but for this project, I decided to use InDesign,” Madsen said. “I spent a lot of hours in InDesign and really learned a lot.”

While working on her project, Madsen was contacted by a client who wanted her to do some work for them.

“About halfway through my project, I decided to post some stuff to social media, and someone contacted me about doing some prints for them,” Madsen said. “It was really unexpected but really cool, too, because now I have a professional client just from this project.”