Editor’s note: Megan Clinger contributed to this article. 

This semester’s communication senior showcase took place on March 17 following a Communication Summit.

The summit included a panel discussion as well as two break-out sessions with Leslie Householder, Eric Hawkins and Nate Eaton, with Robert Dethlefs as the keynote speaker and a Q&A session. It ended with the internship fair and senior showcase, according to the Communication Summit flier.

Bri Allen, a senior studying communication with an emphasis in video production, was showcasing her project, The Hope Lamp.

The Hope Lamp is a YouTube series Allen made after interviewing people and asking them what gave them hope.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of collaboration and brainstorming,” Allen said. “I had to think about what I wanted my project to be and where I want it to go.”

Allen said she found a common theme among people’s answers for The Hope Lamp: people are inspired by other people.

“We need each other, and we can learn so much from other people,” she said. “There is something so powerful about communicating.”

Allen said that if she could change anything about her experience at BYU-Idaho, she would have let herself be more vulnerable and trust others more.

Heather Davenport, a senior studying communication with an emphasis in visual media, presented at the showcase.

Her project was to redesign the children’s book series, Goosebumps, as if its target audience was for adults.

“I have mixed emotions about graduating,” Davenport said. “I’m ready to move on and start a career, but at the same time, I wish I would have taken my classes more seriously.”

Davenport said she spent hours researching what she wanted to do with her project and scheduling her time to get everything done.

“I will take my visual skills and understanding of hard work with me after I graduate,” Davenport said.

Sophie Long, a freshman studying communicationinitially attended the showcase for her class.

“I learned the importance of networking,” Long said.

Long said she was impressed by how much effort the seniors put into their projects. She said she saw all aspects of the communication major.

“I also learned to think outside the box,” Long said. “When I have to be in the senior showcase, I will have some creative ideas.”