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Students Services has a new team this semester called The Pursuit of Happiness.

The objective of the team is to do service around campus to brighten people’s days.

Two students, Cara Sabin, a freshman studying music, and Abbie Foster, a freshman studying accounting, created the team. 

“We just want to do little things that make people smile and make their day a little bit better,” Foster said. “Making people happy makes me happy too.”

Sabin said they had the idea to create the team Winter Semester 2015 while giving candies to people on campus.

“We were bored and bought a big bag of candy,” Foster said.

The two of them and a couple other friends wrote happy notes that went with the candies, Sabin said.

“People were so happy, it made their whole night,” Sabin said. “I said ‘Why don´t we do this every day?’”

They were also inspired by the devotional Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave to BYU-Idaho students in September 2014.

His talk was about the pursuit of happiness. 

“Most times, happiness comes to us when we least expect it, when we are busy doing something else,” Elder Holland said in the devotional. “Happiness is almost always a by-product of some other endeavor.” 

Foster and Sabin have created a Facebook page called “The Pursuit of Happiness at BYU-I.”  

Foster and Sabin were at the leadership training with President Gilbert, and Sabin said the things they learned from him were very inspiring to those who want to serve.

Sabin said they want to focus their work on doing small things that make people smile.

She said that in their first activity as a team, they gave cookies and notes with compliments and inspiring messages to people on campus.

“We had an absolute blast doing this and loved seeing different people’s reactions,” Sabin said. “Everyone loved it, and it showed to us the power of small actions that could potentially change someone’s day.”

Sabin said they have plans for future activities.

“We will have a booth and give lemonade to people on a hot summer day or stick pennies around and make a lucky penny day,” Sabin said.

Foster said the team is still small and they are looking for new students to join.

“There are about 10 of us right now,” Sabin said. “ We want people to know us.”