Whether you are an extreme Star Wars fan or have never seen any of the movies, here are seven fun facts about Star Wars that you should know, and “May the fourth be with you!”

1. The Jawa language is based on the Zulu language but it is just much faster, according to buzzfeed.com.

2. Yoda was going to be originally going to played by a monkey with a cane and would also be wearing a mask, according to buzzfeed.com.

3. Star Wars: Episode IV is the only film where Darth Vader’s famous theme  song “The Imperial March” is not played since it had not been written yet, according to IMDB.

4. The iconic movie line, “Luke, I am your father,” does not exist. The actual line that Darth Vader says is, “No, I am your father,” according to telegraph.co.uk.

5. Frank Oz, who is the voice of Yoda, is also the voice of Miss Piggy from The Muppets, according to knowable.com.

6. It took three different actors to play Darth Vader. James Earl Jones was the voice, Sebastian Shaw was the face, and David Prowse was the body, according knowable.com.

7. E.T.’s species are part of the Star Wars universe. Some of these aliens can be found in the Galactic Senate, according to buzzfeed.com.