That’s right, Scotty McCreery is coming back to BYU-Idaho on Saturday, Oct. 15 in the John W. Hart Building Auditorium. Some things have changed since he was last here in 2014, and some things will never change. Here are seven things you need to know about Scotty McCreery:

1. He Recently Released a Book

The book, released May 2016, is titled “Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream”, according to

McCreery said this book is a travelogue of his life’s journey and the lessons he has learned through his experiences. He said it is not an autobiography, according to

After the book hit the shelves, McCreery set out on a two-week book tour to promote it. The book features aspects of his personal life, including his long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Gabi, which he is usually fairly private about, according to

2. His College Major May Surprise You

Surprisingly enough, the country music artist did not study music when attending North Carolina State University.

McCreery considered a major in engineering for a time but instead decided on communications and public relations as a major, according to

McCreery said he gets his musical education on the road, so he might as well learn about the public relations side of the business, according to

3. He is Taken; Sorry Ladies

McCreery has a long-term girlfriend, Gabi, who he has kept out of the limelight.

When the two first started dating they decided to keep their relationship low-key. However, he said they have been dating for four and a half years now, so he is loosening up his tight lip on their relationship, according to

4. A New Album is in the Works

McCreery has already gotten rid of ten songs off the album and has co-written five, according to

McCreery said the song “Five More Minutes” is one of his favorite new songs. The song goes through life and recalls times when people might want five more minutes. It is experiencing life, then wishing you had more time at the end, according to

McCreery debuted the song at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel on June 10 of this year. He dedicated it to his grandfather, who he lost weeks before writing the song, according to

5. He’s a Huge Baseball Fan

McCreery played baseball in high school and his former coach said he is very competitive, according to

McCreery not only loves baseball, but baseball playing is also in his blood. He is distantly related to Hall of Famer Jim “Catfish” Hunter on his mother’s side. However, McCreery said he tells people Hunter was his uncle, according to

6. His American Idol Audition Almost Didn’t Make it on Television

His audition song, “Your Manby Josh Turner almost wasn’t cleared for television due to the song rights, according to

McCreery explained the situation in several consecutive tweets. He said if his audition song wasn’t cleared on his audition day they could not put it on television, which made his chances of getting on the show less likely, according to

McCreery told TV producers that he didn’t care if his audition was televised; he was going to perform it anyway. Fifteen minutes before his audition, his song was cleared, according to

7. He is a Country Singer Through and Through

During McCreery’s second round of non-filmed auditions, the producers asked him to sing something a little out of his element: Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” according to

McCreery said halfway through his performance, he stopped singing and told the producers his country radio station back home did not play this song so he didn’t know it, according to

He said the producers started laughing because they just wanted to hear the song in a country voice, according to

After learning all this about Scotty McCreery, there is one more thing you need to know: bleacher seats are still available, according to BYU-Idaho Center Stage webpage.