Thursday night at Shake Out gets a little noisy thanks to mic night.

Starting at 8 p.m., mic night is a free and open event for fans of music to come in, relax, sit back and enjoy some signature shakes and tunes or take to the stage themselves.

“I think having the live music is kind of a cool way to build community and to see people, to see students supporting one another and encouraging each other to develop their talents and have another outlet to express themselves,” said Keri Rich, Shake Out’s chief of marketing.

Shake Out’s mic night is a collaborative effort hosted by the business that takes its direction from its roots with student employees.

“Me and another manager here, Sheldon, we both discovered that we liked playing music and writing songs and stuff. So we got together and kind of played a few times and we were like ‘Hey, we should play at an open mic night and we should see if we can do one here because there’s a stage upstairs,’ and we did it and there was a pretty sweet turn out of people, because I think that Thursday night, it’s like the week is coming to an end, and people will kind of want to go out and wind down, so the open mic night was just fun,” said Ian Raleigh, an employee of Shake Out.

The community has created an open and inviting experience for everyone of all interests and skills.

“Open Mic Night is an opportunity where you’re in a relaxed environment, you’re with students who are also trying it for the first time, so everybody’s kind of nervous, but at the same time there’s not a lot of pressure because the expectations are on a different level,” said Peter Strand, a BYU-I student studying business management.

While the diner suggests an oldies direction with their music, the mic night prides itself on taking direction from the students. As the students continue to fill the place up, the business looks to them for ideas about expansion as well.

“It’s really up to what the students want, or the people that are coming. I mean, the reason that we do it is for them. So, if we feel like it’s really crowded and we need to expand, then we will,” Rich said.

In the mean time, Shake Out is happy to close out the day with the rhythm of the night.