Hailey Thomas - Scroll Photography

Hailey Thomas – Scroll Photography

To commemorate Shakespeare’s birth and death, the David O. McKay library used the Grandin Press Replica, found in MCK 249. Students were allowed to use the replica printing press to hand print a selection of Shakespeare’s writings.

Leslie Twitchell, an assistant in the library, said Shakespeare was born and died in April. She said his birth and his death are traditionally celebrated on April 23.

“It will be 400 years of his death date next year,” Twitchell said.

Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest dramatists of all time, according to the biography, William Shakespeare on biography.com.

Shakespeare began his career as a playwright in 1592, according to the biography.

Twitchell said the Grandin Press Replica is a replica of the printing press that was used to print the first copies of the Book of Mormon.

“The more I work with the press, the more I admire the men who printed the Book of Mormon,” Twitchell said.

Twitchell said she wants everyone to know that every month the library has a print day where students are welcome to come to the Grandin Press Replica, and they can try their hand at using the printing press.

The Grandin Press Replica is open for tours Monday through Friday from 3 – 5 p.m.