A man who fired gun shots an LDS stake center in Eagar, Arizona, on Saturday is now dead, reported local ABC news in Arizona.

Arizona Sheriff’s spokesman, Sgt. Richard Guinn, said that the suspect drove by a church event held at a stake center on Saturday and then fired shots at and hit a pregnant woman outside.

“The man had fired upon the woman from his red pickup truck as he drove by the center,” Guinn said.  “When officers arrived, the man fired on them, wounding an Eagar officer, and then fled in the truck to his home nearby.”

Guinn later said that as police followed him, a shoot-out ensued. Police surrounded the suspect in his home and then gunned down the suspect as he ran out of his house to shoot at the police.

One officer was shot but then treated at the hospital and released, according to Guinn.

According to ksl.com, a Salt Lake City news group, the shooter was taken into custody and transported to White Mountain Regional Medical Center in Springerville, Arizona.

According to the sheriff’s office, the shooter died at the hospital from his injuries.

The Arizona Republic website reported that as of May 25, the woman’s condition is stable.