Every semester, students are given the opportunity to come to an event and celebrate their love for their favorite heroes, villains and more in an event called Fandomonium.

Fandomonium is a the new and improved gathering of nerds, geeks and super ans, according to the Fandomonium Web page.

The event will be held in the Little Theater on the second floor of the Manwaring Center on Saturday, June 4, from 1-4 p.m. Students and faculty who attend are encouraged to wear costumes representing their favorite fandoms.

Toben Racicot, a coordinator of the event and a senior studying English, said Fandomonium is a type of comic-con event that is meant to bring a diverse group of fans together to meet new people and have an opportunity to show off their unique talents to each other.

“We know that comic-book fans are few and far between, so we blend comic-con with other fandoms like Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc., to broaden that appeal to others,” Racicot said.

Alaire Bowen, a coordinator of the event and a senior studying art, said Fandomonium covers so many fandoms that anybody passionate about comic books, video games, television, movies, anime or anything else can come and contribute to the event.

“Fandomonium is Fan Faire and AnimeCon combined into one awesome miniature Comic-Con, where everyone can come geek out to some pop culture, and of course come cosplay and play games together,” Bowen said.

Racicot said every student that attends the event will have fun and find something to do because there is so much to see and so many talented students to chat with.

“I love how excited people get to talk about the stuff they love,” said Gary Bernard, a senior studying English education. “It’s fun to see the passion that they have for the fandoms.”

involved in the event because she had been to similar events on campus, like Fan Faire and AnimeCon and she wanted to improve upon those events and help make a better one.

“This semester we are making some changes to the event,” Racicot said. “We will have more interactive activities and a greater amount of fandoms represented.”

He said there will be a cosplay contest with a lot of cool prizes that will be given away.

“I hope to see more fandoms represented,” Bernard said. “Everyone who is nerdy about anything should come and rep their cause.”