Fandomonium was held last week on campus, bringing together fans from Pokémon to Harry Potter, and showcasing talents ranging from animation to larping.
Toben Racicot, a coordinator of the event and a senior studying English, said this semester’s event hosted more activities than the last event. He said these activities included a wide variety of video games, a Pokémon scavenger hunt, a cosplay contest, a comic raffle, a coloring table and a table for games.

“We’re trying to pack in as much as we can,” Racicot said.

Alaire Bowen, a coordinator of the event and a senior studying art, said this semester’s Fandomonium had more fandom tables and more artists than the last. Workshops, such as drawing and playing the ocarina, were also included.

“This gives us a way to show people: Guess what?” Bowen said. “There are super talented people on campus and you can do what they’re doing if you apply yourself or if you attend some of the workshops or network with people.”

Students preparing for jobs in the industry are also able to showcase their talent at the Fandomonium, according to the Fandomonium web page.

Bowen said that faculty members are included in the art showcase. She said that it is similar to the artist alley in Comic-Con.

“A lot of art on campus goes underappreciated,” Racicot said.

Robyn Huffaker, a junior studying illustration, attended the event for the first time this semester. She said while there she presented her illustration and computer animation work.

“It’s been a bit of a learning experience,” she said. “It’s been fun.”

Huffaker said that next time she wants to include some of what the other artists brought for their displays.

Racicot said one of the purposes for hosting Fandomonium is to allow students to represent their own fandoms while giving them the opportunity to learn more about the interests and fandoms of others. When students come they can learn about fandoms they didn’t know about before, Racicot said.

“We just want to make it a nerdy experience for people because people like to draw, they like to play video games, they like to cosplay and we want people to be able to do that for at least a few hours each semester,” Bowen said.

Bowen said one reason for students to attend Fandomonium is so they can become informed about what other events are going on around campus. She said that students are not always aware of the other workshops and activities that are available for them.

“It’s not just sports and dances,” Bowen said. “There are some nerdy stuff for you. There’s artistic stuff for you.”

Bowen said the event is scheduled to be held every semester.

Raricot said he hopes more fandoms will continue to join.