This story was written by Dallin Watkins

On Saturday Jan. 23, the Outdoor Learning Center held its second ever skiing and snowboarding clinic at Badger Creek.

The clinic was open to anyone of any skill level, whether participants have never snow boarded or skied previously, or they just want to come have fun and shred some powder.

Student volunteers and OLC student employees managed the event and instructed participants.

One of the student volunteers, Matt Adamson, a sophomore studying electrical engineering, said he has been a skier for almost 10 years.

In 2012 and 2015, Adamson coached cross-country skiing at his high school in his native Valdez, Alaska.

“I love coaching,” he said. “Working with people that want to learn to ski is a blast and very fulfilling.”

He said he began skiing in high school and skied competitively for all four years. He said his favorite thing about skiing is mastering the technique and going down hills. He said becoming a master is not easy.

“You can spend all your life making turns on blue and red runs by rotating your whole body, but as soon as you get on to steeper slopes, you’ll get ‘found out,’” according to an article by Martin Bell from The Guardian.

Adamson said he thought the clinic went very well, and that, by the end, everyone was able to at least get on their feet and down the hill.   

“It’s a very unique skill set and takes time to learn,” Adamson said. “Before you know it, you are a natural and teaching others.”

Tyler Green, manager of the event and a freshman studying human biology, said he thought it went well.

“We love having people come, whether they want to come and participate or volunteer,” Green said.

Volunteers of any major or skill level are welcome to help with these events. For more information, those interested can talk to Jason Thornton, director of the Outdoor Learning Center.

The OLC is a student-run organization  that provides activities for students, according to the OLC Web page.

For just $1, on Feb. 20, students will be able to participate in Mountain Fest, also to be held at Badger Creek. Employee Family Day is an event similar to Mountain Fest, but it is for faculty members and their families.