GABRIELLE BARNS | Scroll Photography

GABRIELLE BARNS | Scroll Photography

The team Simba FBC beat Kim B’s Finest on Wednesday at the semifinals and BYUI Barcelona on Thursday in the championship final game in the Recreational Sports advanced futsal tournament.

Simba FBC beat Kim B’s Finest 10-9 and BYUI Barcelona 4-3.

“This team is very humble, and we take time to prepare,” said Kristian Arzaga, a supporter of Simba FBC and a sophomore studying business management. “I think this is a great virtue of our team.”

Arzaga said his friends who play for Simba FBC were excited to be in the final because they had trained for it, and they wanted to win it like nobody else.

“When we have the ball in our control, we try to move it around the field and create spaces for our players to find space and score,” Arzaga said.

Uku Tokpah, a sophomore studying business management, is a member of Simba FBC.

“After a game, we talked to each other about things we can improve on,” Tokpah said. “We are all open to suggestions, and we listen carefully when we give feedback for our teammates.”

Tokpah said he thinks the best player in the game against Kim B’s Finest was Abel Chisanga, a senior studying economics.

“Chisanga is a machine,” Tokpah said. “He keeps running and scoring until the game is over. He is a machine.”

Chisanga said he enjoys every second on the field because soccer is his passion.

“I work out every day in order to be fit,” Chisanga said. “Preparation is important in every sport, and in soccer it makes a difference, too.”

Chisanga said he was looking forward to playing in the final game.

“I felt very confident about our next game,” Chisanga said. “My teammates help me do great in our games. I feel they trust me, and I try not to disappoint them.”

Chisanga said he and his teammates kept their game style consistent for the championship game, which was to pass the ball around and create spaces for his team members to score.