This Halloween, don’t spend a fortune on costumes for you and your best friend or significant other.

Here are six quick, cheap and easy costume ideas to try with a buddy:

1. Bandits

Just throw on some long-sleeved black and white striped shirts, black pants and a black beanie. Black boots or shoes and a cheap black mask from any costume store would complete the costume.

Sketch a thick, black money symbol on a white pillow case and you’ll have a place to store your “stolen money” or candy, according to

2. Danny and Sandy from Grease

For Sandy, all you’ll need is black leggings, a black shirt and red pumps. Curl your hair and fluff it up with a brush and some hairspray to get the full 1950s hairdo.

For Danny, you’ll need a black t-shirt, black jeans, white socks and dress shoes. Slick your hair back and add a leather jacket to create the iconic look, according to

3. Scarecrows

Wear a thick flannel shirt under a pair of jean overalls. Add cowboy boots and a straw hat for the accessories.

Outline the end of your nose and the edges of your mouth with dark face paint and darken your cheeks and the end of your nose with red face paint.

Stuff some extra hay or straw into the pockets and openings of your clothes to look even more authentic, according to

4. Buttercup and Wesley from the Princess Bride

For Buttercup, all you’ll need is a flowing red dress or robe with a thick brown belt, accompanied by nude or black ballet flats.

For Wesley, you’ll need a flowing black shirt, fitted black pants and tall black boots. A black mask and a thin sword will complete the look, according to

5. Strawberry and Pineapple

Both fruits need a green stem. To do this, tie green tulle fabric to a green headband.

Buy a red t-shirt and a yellow t-shirt for the respective fruits. One the red shirt, draw several teardrop shapes to show the seeds.

Draw caret symbols on the yellow shirt to show the pokey skin of a pineapple.

Complete the look with black pants or leggings and sneakers, according to

6. Salt and Pepper

For salt, wear white pants and a white shirt. Cut an ‘S’ out of black fabric and sew or safety pin the letter to the shirt.

For pepper, wear black pants and a black shirt. Cut a ‘P’ out of white fabric and sew or safety pin the letter to the shirt.

To complete both looks, you’ll need to add caps to your shakers.

Cut eight white and black circles out of construction paper and glue them to the bottom of two foil pie tins. Hot glue a hair clip or headband to each tin to keep it on your head, according to

These ideas can be put together by purchasing most, or all, of the costume pieces from Deseret Industries, Walmart or any party store.

Though Halloween costumes may take some preparation, these ideas are great for college students on a budget.