For many students, dating is an exciting part of their college experience. At BYU-Idaho there are limited resources compared to a big city like Los Angeles or New York.

There are many places in Rexburg where students go on dates. Some are fun and some are boring but most people have probably been to one of these places with their date.

1. Soda Vine

Soda Vine is a great place to go and enjoy a fun hangout with good old 50’s and 60’s music playing in the background while eating pretzel bites, treats, a gelato, or drinking a soothing shake.

Katherine Hogan, a sophomore studying history, said how her fiancé asked her out on their first date.

“He said ‘come with me to Soda Vine because you are so-da-vine,’ and I stared at him and just laughed. I’ve heard so much about how Soda Vine is a typical date idea but I couldn’t say no to him,” Hogan said.

2. Tuesday Devotionals

Every Tuesday thousands of students gather in the I-Center to be spiritually uplifted by a speaker and some people find it uplifting to take their dates in the hopes that they will feel a spark.

Daisy Cruz, a junior studying sociology, remembers the day she first met Christian.

“We matched on Tinder and we exchanged numbers and started talking every day,” Cruz said. “But I never met him and he asked me to go to devotional with him. I hesitated to say yes but when we went, the speaker spoke about marriage. I never went out with him again.”

3. The Temple

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Scroll Archive

At BYU-Idaho there is a LDS temple right across the street. Many students attend the temple on a weekly basis or more. Many of them also go to the temple to seek guidance and comfort.

Joshua Martinez, a freshman studying business, shared the time he asked a girl to go to the temple.

“She was really cute, so I figured we can do baptisms together,” Martinez said. “I mean if she was the one I would definitely feel it in the temple. She said no because she doesn’t go on dates to the temple.”

4. Shooting

Rexburg has many great sites to go shooting, like the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, because you can ride ATVs or have bonfires with a group of friends

Cecelia Garcia, a junior studying general studies, remembers when her boyfriend took her shooting for their first date.

“We were in the same FHE group, which was weird to begin with,” Lopez said. “But then I said yes and we just had the best time ever. He threw these disks in the air for me to shoot and I missed every single time. But I had a blast.”
5. Porter Park

Parks are a great way to do many things. Play ball, go on the swings, or take a blanket and lay with your date. Maybe someone brought some snacks to share.

Rachel Smith, a junior studying psychology, said that she once went on a date to Porter Park and her date had a picnic ready for her.

“I thought it was the cutest thing ever,” Smith said. “Even though I am not a fan of parks, it was the best date ever. He made sandwiches and brought chips. He even baked cupcakes.”

6. The Rick’s Gardens

TAYLOR LOWDER | Scroll Photography

TAYLOR LOWDER | Scroll Photography

The gardens on campus are known to bring peace and comfort in between classes. It is also a great way to take a stroll in a beautiful place without going anywhere far.

Jennifer Morales, a sophomore studying psychology, said she thinks going on a date to the gardens is awkward

“I walk through the gardens every day to get to class and when I see people on a date, I think it is so awkward,” Morales said. “It’s where everyone goes so when a guy asks me out to go to the gardens I say no.”

Even if Rexburg is a small city, there are many places or events to take someone on a date. Perhaps your date likes “crazy corn” from the Farmers Market or a more private Cocoa Bean on College Ave, whatever you choose, make sure it’s fun!