Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to do homework, a place to socialize in between classes, or a room for group meetings, the David O. McKay Library on campus has it all.

Most of us will quickly find out which floor is best suited to our study or socializing needs, but usually, we do not look further into what the library has to offer.

Here are a few things you might not know about the McKay Library.

1. Are you struggling to get through your classes? Check out the tutoring center located in the east wing on the second floor of the library, where you’ll find a tutor for every subject. There are also designated areas for math and writing help. The tutoring center’s website can be found under the “Academics” tab at the top of the BYU-Idaho website.

2. There are tutors for Adobe programs located in the Mac Lab inside the Commons on the first floor. Instead of spending nine hours trying to find the pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator, just ask one of the friendly staff members for help.

3. When you find that your laptop is running out of battery power but all the wall plugs are taken, look for a little black box which is a portable charging station for students that moves around the library.

4. If you accidentally spilled the contents of your water bottle all over your laptop, hurry down to the second floor to the Technical Services desk for immediate help.

5. Do you want to learn a new language but don’t want the pressure of taking a class? The library offers several language instruction resources, including Rosetta Stone, in a wide variety of languages.

6. Like a mini Netflix, Swank is a movie streaming database with a wide range of movies including old classics and new blockbusters. They are all edited for content and free to any student with a BYU-I login. You can find them in the video section of the McKay Library website.

With plenty of resources online, on staff and on the shelves, the McKay Library has everything you need for a successful semester.