Story by Cassie Dauphin

Roller skating is an activity that both the young and old can come out, have fun, fall a little or a lot and have fun with friends when you want something to do. At the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center ballroom, students are able to try their new tricks and spins on the dance floor for all to see. With roller skating being on Monday nights it’s a great home evening activity, and if you are looking for a good date on Saturday night, it’s a good place to go. For a night like this a lot of preparation is done.

“We inspect the skates, take wheels off clean then, get the money from downstairs, make sure the DJ has ever he needs,” said Katie Bynum, a sophomore studying psychology.

Since it’s too cold to go anywhere, BYU-Idaho students are able to come out, have fun and stay warm at the same time. Even if you are a first time skater or an expert, roller skating is for all.

“I would say come out with a partner so they can hold you up then you wont fall all the time,” said Alli Nielsen, a senior studying exercise physiology.

With not a lot of options or things to do BYUI found the solution to fit everyone’s needs. It is also accessible, cheap for all to enjoy. with the cost being only $2 with a BYU-Idaho student ID card or $3 without.

“Its accessible and nice and having it here, easy to get to its cheap it fun it just fun to do, and warm then you don’t have to go in the freezing cold,” Nielsen said. Students are able to skate for a few hours or until the doors close for the night.

Roller skating is every Monday and Saturday night in the Manwaring Center.