Many comedians gathered together on campus last week to crack jokes and audition for Humor Code.

“We do sketch comedy,” said Ky Trupp, director of Humor Code and a junior studying communication. “We are like Studio C, Saturday Night Live or things like that. We have auditions every semester and have a show every semester. We write our own sketches, we perform our own sketches and basically prepare for our show.”

Humor Code is a tight-knit group and helps bring out the best in people. Students in Humor Code learn how to think outside the box and utilize their talents.

“I’ve been in Humor Code for a few semesters,” said Mitchelle Mayfield, a sophomore majoring in international studies. “I just really enjoy the atmosphere. I’m not the best actor, but I make a lot of friends this way, and everyone is really chill.”

Because they have as many as 50 or more people try out, they have to limit the cast to eight females and eight males, as well as two to three writers. This means participants need to wow the directors.

“We look for stage presence,” Trupp said.

He said they look for people who can be the center of the scene or in the background and still draw attention to themselves.

Humor Code consists of returning veterans and people who are excited to try new things on campus.

“I’m really interested in sketch comedy, I think it’s super awesome, so I figured I would jump in and try it out,” said Trey Richeson, a freshman studying communication.

Mayfield said Humor Code is fun and led him to gain friendships and immerse himself more fully in the school.

Humor Code’s show for this semester will be held on Friday, July 1 in the Oscar A. Kirkham building.