Every Saturday students come to the I-center to participate in a sport that has been around since 1979.  Slack lining has much of the same fundamentals as tight rope walking but with a few twists. The line they used isn’t under the same amount of tension that therefore is more flexible.  This allows for a better overall workout of the core muscles.

Aaron Hussa, slacklining coordinator, said, “Its great, its fun stuff, you get to control your body, learn your bodies limits and work on your balance and core strength.  Once your good at it you can do tricks like, some guys can do flips and stuff.”

Kolton Robbins, slacklining participant, said “Slack lining, pushing myself, pushing where I’m comfortable, my limits, making myself concentrate and it’s just a lot of fun.  You can’t think about anything, you just have to keep your mind clear and just breathe and balance and then you have to be patient.”