Winter is here, which means snow is on the ground, and that brings opportunity for various winter sports.

“There’s a lot of world you can really see on top of a mountain,” said Parker Davis, a junior studying business management.

Davis said he has been snowboarding for seven years, a hobby that helped him stay out of trouble in high school.

“I’m not saying I would be a terrible person now, but I think going snowboarding and sticking with that unit of friends really has given me a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere,” Davis said.

Davis said sticking with his group of friends that snowboarded was one of his best decisions in his teenage years.

“Honestly, snowboarding is a great way to spend your time,” Davis said. “I feel like it really helped me in my later years of high school, when a lot of people aren’t making the best choices. My friends and I would go up to the mountain, and it was awesome.”

Davis said snowboarding kept him busy on weekends during high school.

“You know what they say, ‘When you have idle time, it’s Satan’s playground,’” Davis said.

Phil Bateman, a junior studying business management, said it is almost magical to carve into the fresh powder.

“When you’re up there, I feel like you can really appreciate God’s creation and the beauty of his world,” Bateman said.

Davis said snowboarding helped him with his vision for life.

“I think snowboarding is a great teacher,” Davis said. “There’s a learning curve, obviously, but then it ends up being so much fun.”

Davis said he worked regularly at getting better at snowboarding.

“Consistently going snowboarding in high school was probably one of my better choices,” he said.

Davis said that something a lot of snowboarders do not realize is the importance of having vision.

“You have to see what is coming up ahead,” he said. “Everyone who boards knows that the snow is different every day.”

Davis said the vision of a snowboarder parallels life.

“You have a good outlook on life when you’re on top of a mountain,” he said.

Bateman said that snowboarding is the closest he feels to flying.

“You just feel so free, and it’s awesome to go cruise the mountain,” Bateman said.

Davis said students should try snowboarding or skiing this year.

“I would tell students to just do it,” Davis said. “There’s a great opportunity for it here in Rexburg. We have a lot of great resorts close by.”

Davis said snowboarding has some great conditioning benefits.

“I think a great way to get into shape for snowboarding is to get in the weight room and do leg workouts,” Davis said. “Also, working your abs is a good thing to do. It takes a lot of core strength.”

Davis said it feels good to be in shape.

“Don’t wait to pick up snowboarding, or you probably never will give yourself the opportunity,” Davis said. “The best time to start is this year.”