Soapbox Agency assisted Artemis, a gun case created by Jones LLC, in their mission to lower the chances of children having access to guns by helping promote affordable and secure gun cases.

“In America, two children die every week from an accidental shooting,” according to the title video on the Artemis Web page on

Miles Blaine, an account executive for Soapbox and a senior studying communication, said Wayne Jones is the founder of Jones LLC.

Blaine said Jones came up with the idea for Artemis when his grandchildren came over to his house to play, and he wanted a place to safely store his gun. However, he could not find an affordable, reliable case that still allowed easy access to his gun.

Artemis is now the most affordable weapons case in the world that is secure, biometric and accessible, according to the Artemis Web page on

The case is $99 and is constructed out of weapons-grade polycarbonate polymer, which allows it to be secure, affordable and lightweight, according to the Artemis Web page on

Blaine said in order for Soapbox to produce quality content for their clients, Soapbox has to catch the vision and the goals that the clients have.

“Everyone in Soapbox is really dedicated to what they are doing,” Blaine said. “They are here because they want to be. Because of that, we are able to deliver effectively to our clients.”

Blaine said Jones came to Soapbox with the idea at the beginning of 2015. The project, from start to finish, took six months to complete.

“Soapbox has really helped me to refine my time management skills,” Blaine said.

Blaine said he spent 50 to 60 hours a week on the Artemis case project. He said the process consisted of sketching and creating the logo, business cards, website and video ads.

“After we have sketched and solidified an idea, we take it and we refine it,” Blaine said. “We go into Photoshop and Illustrator and create a digital version of what we have sketched, and we then run that by the client.”

Cory Kerr, a faculty member in the communication department, said he has been a faculty advisor for Soapbox for 18 months. He said he is there to answer questions and provide assistance when needed, but it is primarily the students who do all the work.

“I really like seeing the students accomplish things that are hard,” Kerr said. “Not knowing how to do something and then going and figuring it out, it is kind of a real world industry experience.”

In Soapbox, there are design, account management, copywriting, research and public relations departments, Blaine said. Due to the diversity of positions, Soapbox hires students from many departments such as psychology, art, English and other majors in the business and communication departments.

“Soapbox, for me personally, it has just made everything in my classes make more sense because I am actually doing it in real life with real clients,” Blaine said.

He said the campaign is now out of Soapbox’s hands, but those who helped contribute to the Artemis case hope this project will succeed.

“The potential is there to make a difference, but whether that will actually lower that national statistic, it just depends on how many people find out about it,” Blaine said.