Soccer intramurals season started May 5 and went until June 25. Playoffs will begin July 2.

Intramural soccer has three divisions: beginner, intermediate and competitive, according to the IMleagues website.     

There are 18 teams in the beginner league, with one undefeated team, “Caucasian Invasion,” which has six wins and zero losses, according to IMleagues.

In the intermediate league, there are 20 teams with one undefeated team, “The Mighty Ducks,” which has seven wins and zero losses, according to IMleagues.


MEGAN HOYT | Scroll Photography

In the advanced league, there are seven teams with one undefeated team, “A$AP Burg,” which has six wins and zero losses, according to IMleagues.

Luke Walker, a senior studying business management, said he plays soccer because it keeps him, his father and his younger brother close.

“It has been an activity that has united us for many years,” Walker said. “It has also taught me how to be active and how to be physically fit.”

Walker said soccer has also taught him how to work well with others as a team.

He said he loves the team aspect of soccer and how it requires effort from every player on the field in order to score a goal.

He said he plays because it is thrilling to score goals, play with midfielders and build relationships with his teammates.

Walker said that if he could change anything about soccer, he would eliminate slide tackling.

He said slide tackling is a form of cheating and the worst aspect of the sport, and players should be severely punished for it.

“Growing up in England, I was taught to be strong on the ball and to never get pushed off the ball easily and to never flop,” Walker said.

He said there is not a need for slide tackling, and there are other ways to attack the ball.

Paul Morgan, a junior studying communication, said soccer has always been a part of who he is.

“I have played soccer since I was a child and have played for a number of different competitive and recreational teams here on campus since moving to the U.S.,” Morgan said.

Morgan said he plays in the intermediate league, where his team currently sits in second place, with one game left before the playoffs start.

“The team I play for is a combination of old friends and new people who just want to play regular soccer,” he said.

He said the unity his team has built throughout the season is why they are doing so well.

He said soccer brings out the passion inside of people, whether someone is watching or playing the sport.

He said this is a beautiful and inspiring thing to see.

“It’s also a special thing to be part of a good team,” he said. “When you have teammates who you know how to play well with, and you know will give everything they have to win, the game takes on a whole new level.”

IMleagues and the sports activities page on the school’s website are sources for additional information about all on-campus sports.