Social Activities is a student-run volunteer organization that meets weekly to plan events to help students get involved on the BYU-Idaho campus.

“Social Activities invites students to gather, develop socially, discover their own capacity for success and obtain lasting desire to help others recognize their own potential,” according to the Social Activities mission statement.

Events run by Social Activities include weekly swing and latin dances, the Masquerade Ball, Party in the Hart and Classic Movie Night.

“When you come in, you join this tight group of friends,” said Chase Tucker, a sophomore studying construction management.

He said the student volunteers gain experience in all areas of event planning, including advertising, booking and other background logistics.

“He or she will mentor in handling the logistics of the event,” said Christopher Sebastian, a freshman majoring in international studies.

Tucker said he has been involved with Social Activities since his first semester at BYU-I, and is currently the area director.

Tucker said the students who join Social Activities can help out in many different positions, such as a base level volunteer or an event manager.

The student volunteers meet Monday evenings from 5 – 6 p.m., to learn about the events they will help run during the semester, Sebastian said.

He said during the meetings, students are coached both in the logistical and spiritual aspects of the upcoming events.

“We give spiritual training and leadership training,” Tucker said.

Sebastian said students help each other mature and grow spiritually during the event planning process.

“They have to learn to contribute to make each other better,” Sebastian said.

The qualities the students develop during these trainings will continue to benefit them outside their Social Activities’ roles, Sebastian said.

Tucker and Sebastian both said they have enjoyed their time volunteering within Social Activities.

Tucker said his favorite experience was his chance to organize the Magic Kingdom Dance during the spring semester.

He said the event was beneficial to him in fulfilling one of the principles of Student Activities, which is to help bring students togetherfrom different backgrounds.

“I got to create something that all the scattered students across campus got to come together and socialize and have fun over a specific interest, which was animated movies,” Tucker said.

Students interested in volunteering can visit the Social Activities Web page for more information.