Every year, BYU-Idaho students come together to experience a real rodeo hosted by the university.

The annual “No Bull” Rodeo will be Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Madison County Fairgrounds, according to the BYU-I’s rodeo Web page.

“It’s the “No Bull” round up because there is no bull, they ride steers,” said Euleza Hymas, the social activities advisor.

Tickets can be purchased online for $5 for students with an I-card or $7 without an I-card.

Hymas said they fill all 1200 seats in the arena and are usually sold out before it begins.

Hymas said it is open for students and the community to attend, however only students may be participants as there are over 60 participant opportunities.

Hymas said anyone from a beginner to an expert might join and participate.

“We put it on so that the students can have the experience of being in the rodeo themselves even if they’ve never seen a cow before in person,” Hymas said.

Hymas said there food will be served this year. They will be serving dinners of fried chicken, baked beans and parmesan cheese fries all for $5.

She said this year’s rodeo will have steer riding for both men and women, redneck Olympics, tractor tire pull and wild cow milking.

Hymas said wild cow milking is always a huge hit, as a group of three participants have to run out, tackle the cow and milk it.

She said there have been previous years where steer riders have actually stayed on the full six seconds or they have done a relay race course using a stick horse and having to keep a raw egg in their mouth.

“The whole point of social activities is to unite the students and to have fun and enjoy themselves together,” said Chase Tucker, the director of social activities. “There is this huge opportunity and so many more to come.”