The community of Rexburg is now preparing for the return of Sonic.

The decision to put a Sonic in place of Arctic Circle was highly influenced by social media when a Facebook post went viral, according to the Rexburg Standard Journal.

Sonic is a corporation that manages drive-in fast food joints with over 3500 throughout the United States, according to their website.

“Within two or three days, Sonic called Team Greene and made an offer,” said Rick Robinson, co-owner of Team Greene Real Estate in Rexburg.

Robinson said Sonic has launched a new concept idea for Sonic stores which now have three options that customers may use. He said they have a car hop, which is Sonic’s well-known drive-in-and-park ordering, they will continue to have a drive-thru option and also an indoor lobby where customers may dine-in.

Robinson said construction is scheduled to begin somewhere around the first few weeks of July.

“They’ve incorporated a lot of new concepts,” Robinson said.

Robinson said these new Sonic stores will incorporate new technological concepts, such as a touch screen menu for customers to build their own order. He said the option to order traditionally will still be available.

“You’ve gotta have Sonic in town,” said Brandon Bostick, a sophomore studying political science.

Bostick said he was not in Rexburg when Sonic was originally here but that he knows Sonic from his home back in Texas.

“It’s just a spot I used to go to and chill at when I was in high school, like, to get the nice little drinks and stuff, so you can just go with your friends and hang out,” Bostick said.

Bostick said Sonic could be described as a more retro version of Soda Vine.

Sonic is now hiring and will have happy hour from 2-4 p.m., according to the Rexburg Standard Journal.

“First of all, it didn’t do well here the first time, and Sonic’s food is okay,” said Mckenna Frisby, a junior studying psychology. “I go mainly for slushies and sodas. That’s the only reason I go and because they bring it to your car without you having to go in.”

Frisby said she feels that slushies and happy hour are going to be the most popular.

“I feel like their food isn’t the best, but their drinks are on point,” Frisby said.

Frisby said she typically purchases tater tots and a drink.

“It’s one of the only drive-thrus where you can get a 44-ounce drink for, like, a reasonable price,” Frisby said.

The fast-food establishment closed in 2010 after having touched many lives, according to the Sonic Drive-In Candlelight Vigil (RIP Rexburg Sonic) Facebook page.