This story was written by Erin Burke & Kambria Amidan.

The unique music in the dimly lit Jacob Spori building studio recording space brightened up the room as Carry On, Kid performed some of their original material on Wednesday, April 26.
Scroll recently launched a new segment of the organization called, “Sounds of Spori.”

“Sounds of Spori” is an idea that was pitched by former Scroll TV Producer, Garrett Elton. It will follow different musicians, artists and performers across campus on their endeavors throughout the semester.
This innovation is not limited to written articles in Scroll; it is going to be a video series which is going to air monthly.

Members of Carry On, Kid were the first to ever participate in “Sounds of Spori.”

Two of the four band members, Christian Anderson and Cameron White, met with Scroll reporters and editors to record a condensed jam session featuring some of their favorite self-written tunes.

“I’m stoked to be here,” said Christian Anderson, lead vocalist of the band and a sophomore majoring in international studies.

Anderson said they have a new album scheduled to release in May called We Belong with Each Other.

Anderson said their first EP was a ‘DIY’ album.

“This is our second record, technically,” Anderson said. “Our first one is a five-song EP. This one is a ten-song, full-length album.”

Anderson said their first EP was less organized because they wanted to get their music out and were not worried about how it came out.

“The new album still is (DIY), but this album is a lot more organized,” Anderson said. “We’ve been putting a lot more thought and effort into it.”

Anderson said the band has re-written every song multiple times to polish and refine their music as much as possible for their potential audience.

“We’ve been more wary about tone and intonation,” Anderson said.

Cameron White, lead guitarist and a sophomore majoring in general studies, said the band has been working diligently to make these songs enjoyable for people.

“We’ve just been focusing a lot on making the songs sound good for people to listen to,” White said.

Anderson said their recording label, Hidden Home Records, is located in Boise.

Carry On, Kid describes their style of music to be an early 2000’s emo pop punk vibe. This style was influenced by respected artists including bands like Brand New, The Early November and The Dangerous Summer.

The band consists of Cameron White (guitarist), Christian Anderson (guitarist/vocalist), Curtis Gough (drums) and Michael Menendez (bassist). The band started in Feb. 2016 and toured throughout the Idaho-Utah area, according to the Carry On, Kid Facebook page.