The Special Collections and Archives office has a new display of the school and presidential history of BYU-Idaho in honor of President Clark G. Gilbert’s inauguration.

Ethan Atwell, a senior studying history, said the current display has many artifacts and researched stories that relate to individual presidents/leaders of the school, specific buildings and lifestyles of the campus during the different ages since its beginnings in 1888.

“All the principals and presidents of BYU-I since 1888, when it was called Bannock Stake Academy, are on display in honor of President Gilbert’s inauguration,” Atwell said.

Kathryn Howard, a sophomore majoring in university studies, said the current display shows the progression BYU-I has made from being Bannock Stake Academy, which was an elementary school and eventually converted to a high school, then Ricks College, to BYU-I in 2002.

“You see the battles they had to keep the school open,” Howard said.

Atwell said the current displays range from the actual graduation gown of President Hyrum Manwaring, banners through the years, generational clothes and various documents.

Atwell said the displays will remain in the special collections and archives office until next month.

Atwell said the displays change every month or if something exciting comes up that they want to display.

Howard said the displays and archives are always related to something in the southeastern Idaho region and its history.

Atwell said many have themes that are related to the Latter-day Saint community within the region’s history.

Howard said that the office has been on the second floor of the library since the school was changed to BYU-I about 10 years ago.

Atwell said the office is open to all students from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.