A new sport called Spikeball is gaining popularity among students at BYU-Idaho. Mason Gale, spikeball tournament organizer, explains this hot new sport.

“Its a mixture of volleyball and foursquare and you have a little yellow ball. Each team has three sets or three hits. The object of the game is to try and set it to your partner and he tries to spike it on the net,” said Gale, a junior studying exercise physiology.

The Student Activities put together its first Spikeball tournament this past Saturday hoping to bring attention to the sport that many are growing to love. While the game is not yet a part of the intramural leagues, spikeball enthusiasts are hoping that its growing popularity and attention will give it the push it needs to become a semester long sport.

“I myself, I’m an ambassador of Spikeball and there’s another one here on campus. He and I are planning on going into the Student Activities Center and talking to them to show the interest that the students have because there is a lot of students that are interested in the game. I’ve talked to a lot. A lot of them say they love it,” said Josh Hodges, a Junior studying Health Science.

Although the tournament was only attended my men, both men and women are strongly encouraged to play.

“I’m surprised there’s no girls. I thought there was going to be girls here today, but it can definitely be a co-ed sport.  You can do a boy girl team or just all girl team or all guy team it doesn’t matter,” said Hodges.

Saturdays tournament consisted of about 10 teams each hoping to be named the champion, but this tournament was about more then just playing to win. Spikeball is a family friendly sport that people of all ages can watch and enjoy.

John Moore, a senior studying communication enjoyed the activity and said: “It’s fun, it’s not too serious. It’s fun to play with everyone and just have some fun in a game that we love.”

Will Spikeball become the next big thing? Who knows, but it’s definitely bound to “spike” some interest with students.