Art instructors at BYU-Idaho displayed a variety of artwork at the opening night of the Faculty Art Exhibit Thursday May 2.

The exhibit in the Jacob Spori gallery features pieces in photography, stoneware, wood, oil paint, etchings, mixed media and terra cotta with patina.

“When I was a young teenager, I liked to draw,” said Gerald Griffin, a member of the Art faculty. “My friends would have me draw things for them, so they encouraged me. I enjoyed doing it and I really liked it.”

Griffin painted one of the largest works on display, entitled “Sunset on the Henry’s Fork.”

“I painted my first oil painting in 1968 when I was in high school,” Griffin said. “It’s something I’ve been doing for 40 years. I’m just now understanding how to use it, and so there are some challenges but it’s a lot of fun.”

Griffin said it was his high school art teacher who inspired him most to continue on with his artwork.

“I love it; there are some really beautiful pieces here,” said Lydia Colborn, a sophomore studying art. “As I see them I think ‘I want to take a class from that teacher, and that teacher.’”

Colborn said her dream is to be an illustrator once she graduates.

Along with faculty and students, members of the community and alumni also came to view the artwork.

“It’s just like I remember, a wonderful variety of work from so many teachers,” said Dallon Holmes, a BYU-I alumnus visiting from Cache Valley. “I’m astonished at the comic figure, ‘Melvin’ — that’s absolutely amazing.”

“Melvin” by Joshua Abegglan is made of ser sculpey. The statue is displayed below an image of similar characters entitled, “Melvin & The Mandragore.”

Holmes and his wife, Patty, brought their three daughters on vacation from Utah to Rexburg as part of their tenth anniversary celebration.

“We wanted to bring our girls back to where it all started for us,” Holmes said. “I took a few art classes when I was at school here, among others and it’s really cool because my teacher Brother Parson has a painting here in the exhibit.”

Holmes’ teacher, Nolan Parson, who teaches design, produced the piece “Snow Lane,” a winter scene painted in oil, hanging in the gallery.

A few of the pieces are accompanied by panels on the wall that tell the story behind the art.

Shawn Randall was asked by his niece to design her wedding invitations. The chinese paper fans are on display in various stages to show the viewers both the inside and outside photo panels.

Randall also featured a laser-engraved, wooden CD tri-fold case he designed for the debut album, Someday for LDS singer/songwriter David Blasucci.

Multiple full-time and adjunct faculty in the BYU-I Art Department volunteered their work to be featured in the temporary gallery.

The Jacob Spori Gallery will house the Faculty Art Exhibit until May 24 and will be open to students and the community Mon-Fri 9 a.m-8 p.m. and Sat Noon-8 p.m.

The next exhibit, the David Jones Recent Works will open on May 31.

More information about current and future art exhibitions in the Spori gallery can be found at