The Spori Building was built by the pioneers with stone that would one day make history.

In 2000, The Spori was destroyed in a fire. The building we now enjoy was rebuilt in 2003. Scraps from the old Spori have long been in storage, but not anymore. One innovative BYU-Idaho student suggested selling the stones as momentos. The stones are being sold with BYU-I or Ricks College logos on the front. The stone has felt ottoms and comes with a certificate of Authenticity. Prices vary from 25 to 75 dollars.

Derek Toone said, “It’s the 125th anniversary of BYU Idaho. Nov 12th 1888 is when the campus was started. 1903 was when the building was built. 1906 is when the classes started. So it’s got a lot of heritage, a lot of character to it. It’s lasted for over 100 years. Something cool when we were going and cut into it it’s kind of like whoa, last time someone touched this was like pioneer hands. It all adds for us. 125th year were a little bit ahead of the curve but it is the year of celebration for BYU Idaho right now.” 

The business is through an IBC gro that will be closing soon. Those wishing to order a Spori Stone must do so by March 31st

There 3 prices with the choice of BYUI or Ricks college logo. The small is $25, medium is $ 35, large $75 (seal only on the large)and a book end for $70. Limited time only!