BYU-Idaho held its first night of inversion ball last Thursday night. The court of a inversion ball has  futsal goals backed up to each other. Players are only allowed to pivot one foot, have to bounce or spike the ball when scoring and the goalie cannot cross mid-court. But even with simple rules like this, it is still pretty difficult to play this sport.

“The hardest part is that it’s brand new,” said Jordan Hanni, a sophomore studying psychology. “One of our very own – they made it up. And I’m learning with the players. And that translates into the easiest part. Players and game managers both know that everybody is learning about it, so it’s pretty relaxed. so far because everyone’s still learning. But it’s an awesome sport; a lot of fun to play.”

The very same person who invented the sport is still walking around campus here somewhere. A player could run into him as he or she comes to learn about this new and unique sport.

“Last semester, my roommate invented the game for one of his classes,” said Daniel Caine, a sophomore studying business management. “He’s a rec management major, so his class had to make a sport. And then he naturally chose to pledge for intramural sports, and he asked if I wanted to join his team, so I said I would.”

Feel free to join by visiting and joining any team.