Spring romance is in the air and there are many things to do here in Rexburg. Whether your date is more adventurous or is more into romance, you can find plenty to do in Rexburg.
Here are eight places you can take your date during the spring semester.

1) Hike R Mountain – Do you and your special someone love the outdoors? Tell them to TAKE A HIKE, with you, up R Mountain. Take in the sunset or the sunrise and cuddle up with your date. Bring a blanket and some healthy snacks to make it special.

2) Feed the ducks at Nature Park – Instead of just walking around the park, grab some bread and feed the ducks. This turns a normal walk around the park into a sweet adventure. Be careful; ducks can be very hungry.

3) Have a camp fire at the Sand Dunes – Cozy up by the fire, make some s’mores and go stargazing at night. During the day slide down the sand dune hills. This is sure to be a night you won’t forget.

4) Watch a movie at Teton Vu Drive-In– Have a movie lover in your life? Spice up your normal movie date with a drive-in movie. Enjoy the nice spring weather and watch a movie in your car. Bring some popcorn and enjoy the night.

5) Escape House– For the adventurous at heart. Get your hearts racing and take your date to the Escape House. There are three different rooms to explore, each containing tasks that you must complete in order to escape the room.

6) Trail Ride & Dutch Oven Dinner with the BYU-Idaho Outdoor Learning Center – Meet up on campus and then go over to Badger Creek to make some memories. Take your date for some horseback riding and a home cooked meal. Check out their Facebook page BYU-I OutdoorLearningCenter

7) Go down a Zipline and Dinner Date with the BYU-I OLC- Go ziplining for some more outdoor adventure in the spring. Ziplining make you feel like you are swinging on vines without actually swinging. Take your date ziplining through the green trees.

8) Canoe and Dinner Date with the BYU-I OLC– Make some memories with your date and go canoeing at Badger Creek. Then wind down with a delicious meal priveded by the OLC.

These date ideas are sure to make your spring fun. Go out and ask that person you have had your eye on.