Story by Kelsey Anselmo-Wright 

Students bundle together in blankets and sing hymns as they discover a new way to worship the Lord on the Sabbath day. Every Sunday night, students gather under the bleachers for stadium singing.

Stadium singing is offered in both Spanish and English, but this isn’t why students come.

“The power of music brings the Spirit in,” said Jerika Pischke, a participant and a sophomore majoring in general studies. “Like I said, it’s been a big part of my life my entire life. And, I don’t know, it’s really strengthened my testimony a lot.”

This spiritual impact not only affects the students singing, but those who are conducting as well.

“Every Sunday, singing hymns is a wonderful thing to feel the Spirit this much and just gain a little strength I need for the week,” said Tomas Kandalaft, a junior studying biology.

Tomas is one of the many people that conducts these events, and this has been more than just a place to show off his conducting skills.

“As I have been able to conduct here, I just have been able to strengthen my testimony and just gain a lot of new, wonderful spiritual experiences,” Kandalaft said.

Tomas looks forward to praising the Lord with music each Sunday and encourages everyone to come.