A heat wave hit Rexburg this week. For Rexburg, the average high temperatures in July is 83 degrees, according to usclimatedata.com. With the heat approaching, here are ways to stay cool this summer:

Drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated in the heat is essential.

“I feel like drinking water is what helps you keep cool,” said Natalie Nielson, a sophomore majoring in general studies.

Take a cold shower.

Showering in cold water brings down body temperatures. Take a cold shower at the end of a hard day.

Stay where it’s cool.

Sariah Colwell, a freshman studying exercise physiology, said she stays inside an air-conditioned building.

Wear light clothes.

Colwell said she wears short sleeves and shorts all summer.

Use essential oils.

Sarah Campbell, a freshman studying photography, said she puts peppermint oil behind her ears or on her forehead to cool her down. She also said Vick’s VapoRub helps.

Frozen treats.

Joanna Barnum, a senior studying child development, said eating frozen yogurt helps her cool down. Ice cream, popsicles and frozen grapes also help.

Keep the lights and appliances off.

Preheating ovens and sun shining through the windows heat up a house fast. Make sure to turn off the appliances to turn down the heat.

Go swimming.

Ririe Reservoir, Monkey Rock and Rexburg Rapids are just some of the few places you can go swimming in Rexburg, according to therexburgconnection.com

Create a cold compress.

“Fill a sock with rice, tie it off, and stick it in the freezer for an hour or so,” according to greatist.com. “The compress will stay chilly for up to 30 minutes.”

Whether you choose to spend the summer in the air conditioning or spend it swimming, stay hydrated and safe, and enjoy the summer.