As the semester comes to an end, many students look for things they can do in order to stay focused and organized during the final weeks of the semester.

“I feel stress for the end of this semester because I have to prepare for graduation, prepare to take the GRE for grad school and prepare for a future career,” said Ranae Rudd, a senior studying English.

Rudd said other stressful but important things are clean checks, studying and getting ready to go home.

“I feel stressed when preparing to go home towards the end of the semester because I have to wrap everything up and make sure I have everything I need to get done for my grades to be ready for finals, as well as packing, putting things into storage and cleaning,” said Shandria Hall, a junior majoring in university studies.

Hall said her schoolwork, such as project, tests and papers are also stressful toward the end of the semester.

Sleep is essential, and getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining your concentration, according to

“Making sure I have enough sleep because my brain is more frazzled when I don’t sleep, and it’s easier to be disorganized and forget things,” Rudd said.

Rudd said when she does not get enough sleep, she will start a project but never gets it done when she does get enough sleep she said she can finish all her projects.

“Basic human needs: sleeping, eating and hygiene,” Hall said.

Hall said if students are not eating or sleeping, their brains do not function as well, and it can make you frustrated as well.

Eating three decently healthy meals a day will help people to have the energy and focus to get through whatever assignments are thrown at them, according to Utica College.

“Eating the correct foods is important because if you just eat junk, you feel gross and your brain won’t work as efficiently,” Hall said.

School is practically a full-time job, and students will go crazy if they are not taking time for themselves, according to Utica College.

“Doing things such as praying and reading my scriptures make me feel better, more motivated and make me feel more positive for the day, so I will try to conquer things,” Rudd said.

Rudd said when she does not read her scriptures, she tends to have more of a bad attitude and she does not want to  do anything.

Making a schedule can help students feel less overwhelmed if they plan their week or even just their day slightly ahead of time, according to Utica College.

“Making a list of all the big tests and assignments and then rank them by priority, such as what will take me the longest to complete and what needs to be done first,” Hall said.

Hall said that doing this, helps her to make sure she is not forgetting anything that needs to get done.

Most people are incapable of actually performing tasks simultaneously, and instead forcing the brain to switch gears back and forth from task to task, resulting in overall lower efficiency, according to