Facebook is a great way for people to reconnect with friends and family or to just check up on others’ lives.

I get that.

But seriously, our generation is taking it too far.

Three recent statuses from two different girls that happened all in the same day have helped add to my hatred toward the famous social network.

1. “I have an announcement! I got married last night!”

She waited to tell her entire family that she had gotten married until she posted it on her Facebook timeline for the world to see.

Her mother immediately blew up in the comments and started swearing and freaking out. It was really uncomfortable to read.

2. “I have another announcement! It’s a boy!”

This same girl also thought it was a wise decision to announce on Facebook that she was pregnant — again, before telling her family.

3. “Bad news … miscarriage. :(“

This was a different girl, but do I even need to explain why this last post upset me?

It was very sad that this person had a miscarriage, and I helped by taking her food and making sure she was OK, but really? Facebook?

Facebook is not the correct setting to make these announcements.

Make a phone call, create a group message consisting of close family members, but DO NOT post it publicly on Facebook first.

It hurts others’ feelings, it causes unnecessary drama, and it makes others who probably aren’t as close to you  really uncomfortable.

To me, Facebook should be for the occasional baby photo, engagements (after telling your close loved ones first), wedding/family photos, cat Vines (obvs) and a few other posts that don’t totally dig deep into your personal life.

Let’s be real for a minute, shall we?

Yes, your baby is totes adorbs. Yes, your engagement ring is totally fab and, “He’s just the best, and I couldn’t imagine life without him!” Yes, you might be the most opinionated person in the WORLD, and you just can’t believe that the Supreme Court is allowing gay couples to marry, and everyone should know that you have this opinion, and they should all agree with you because you’re clearly the most educated person on the topic because you read a clickbait article about it.

But, no one cares.


Everyone else has their own babies and engagements and opinions to worry about. Our generation — and surprisingly our parents’ — has become so obsessed with updating our Facebook statuses that we forget there are people who care about us. We don’t realize that when we make announcements to the Facebook community before we tell our loved ones we are actually hurting them and we are being selfish by not sharing our news with them before taking it to the public.

We need to realize there are real-life people around us whom we should be paying attention to rather than updating the Facebook community about minute details of our day-to-day lives that no one actually cares about.

Now, I’m not about to delete my Facebook account because I have friends and family literally all over the world, but I have started to cut down my usage because I just can’t stand seeing every small detail of everyone’s daily lives.

I understand that it’s exciting to post a photo or a funny status and see it get 100 “likes” and 35 comments, but at the end of the day, what matters more: How many “likes” you get, or the real conversations you had with the people you love?