Construction workers began work on a storm drain earlier this week on First East.

Keith Davidson, Rexburg City engineer, said the storm drain is for drainage from the new parking lot that BYU-Idaho has been constructing on the northeast side of campus.

“They are running a storm drain down First East,” Davidson said. “They want to complete it as soon as they can.”

Davidson said that Zollinger Construction is the company working on this project. He said they want to get it done and be out of the street as soon as possible, but that some conditions have slowed things down a little.

“They are finding quite a bit of rock,” Davidson said.

The storm drain is just a small part of the construction on the new parking lot.

The parking lot construction began earlier this spring and is expected to be completed during the Fall 2016 Semester. Four dormitories have already been demolished to make room for the parking.

The new lot will provide 250 additional parking spots to BYU-I students, according to BYU-I Newsroom.

Windsor Manor, an apartment complex on the corner of Second South and First East, sits right next to the storm drain construction site.

Debbie Holm, a manager at Windsor Manor, said that the project has affected the apartments there. She said that it has affected the parking at Windsor Manor a little, but not too badly.

Holm said the construction begins early in the morning and some residents are affected by the noise.

Holm said the bigger problem is that the crosswalk to get to campus is inaccessible.

“It’s a little difficult to cross the street without jaywalking,” Holm said.

Holm said that residents need to walk to the street to find a crosswalk in order to get to campus.

A fine for jaywalking is $76.50 in Rexburg, according to the Rexburg Police Department website.