McDonald’s donates 100 percent of the day’s earnings to local family

Local resident Kathy Striffler died in a car accident in Montana, March 21.

“News, Trent Cichos, the owner of the McDonald’s on University Boulevard, has declared today Striffler Day in honor of the death of a local crossing guard,” according to East Idaho News.

It is as easy as buying a hamburger.

“Cichos is a friend of the family and said their families have had a great relationship over the years,” according to East Idaho News.

Cichos was not the only one close to Striffler and her family.

David Garcia, a local resident of Rexburg, went to high school with her son, Glenn.

Garcia said that Glenn is always a happy kid who was never down.

“I just want to help out as much as I can,” Garcia said. “I think the whole town is torn because of it.”

With the parking lot full, a line of cars to the main road for the drive thru and police managing the traffic, people young and old wait for their turn to support the Striffler family.



Steve Denison and Devanie Denison, local residents of Rexburg, and their kids sat at a table waiting for their food to be ready.

Steve Denison and Devanie Denison knew the Strifler family personally.

“(Kathy) was very down to earth and very happy,” Steve Denison said.

Devanie Denison said she worked with Stiffler at Kennedy Elementary. Striffler always called Devanie “Sissy.”

“(Kathy) was loving, loved to be around the kids, loved her job as a crossing guard and took very good care of the kids,” Devanie Denison said.

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