We all know about the gusty winds here in Rexburg, Idaho but lately 50 mile per hour winds and higher has been hitting and leaving destruction behind kind of like this tree right here that they are cleaning and it’s got a few of us wondering, what can we do for safety precautions against this strong wind?

“Watch out for other vehicles because it is easy to take your hand off the wheel and for just a short amount of time for the wind to direct your direction,” said David Walrath, Madison County Public Works director.

He said that they have the most trouble with wind in the winter and in the springtime.

He says that he uses safety glasses to help protect his eyes against the rooted dust from fields.

But how much wind damage actually happens? The road department gets several calls a year for the clean of trees.

“Most of the time, what happens is, you get tree damage, which you know. Big trees, if they’re weakened in any kind of way, they can blow away. They can blow onto buildings, they can blow onto vehicles, they can blow onto the road,” said Walrath.

There have been occasions where even roofs have blown off of houses with 60-mile per hour winds.

“I’ve seen a few tiles come off a roof and stuff like that and like, we’ve got a ton of broken branches in our backyard all the time,” said Shawna Remark, a local Rexburg resident.

“I’ve seen trees you know, rooted and things like that,” said Louise Hoagland, a local Rexburg resident.

“A cole of semesters ago, I lived at Whitfield house and half of the tree broke off honestly,” said Aaron Ellis, a BYU-Idaho student.

But Walrath says to be careful, “If you think about it though, 75 miles an hour is hurricane force, so 60 is getting there.”

For Rexburg residents, the only real way to protect yourself during strong wings is by paying attention to when you’re driving so you don’t veer off the road. Otherwise, most residents just handle it.