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Student Activities is a continuous Get Involved program, which allows students to adjust to a college lifestyle, develop leadership skills and make friends along the way, according to the Student Activities Web page.

Student Activities comprises eight different university-funded groups who lead in uniting the student body, according to the Web page.

Nick Ames, the area director for the sports program and a senior studying recreation management, said that before he joined Student Activities, he was content with going to classes and then going home. However, Ames said his life changed when he joined Student Activities and that now he feels like he has a much bigger family.

“There is something for everyone,” Ames said. “I changed a lot because I met a lot of friends, but at the same time I left my little bubble.”

Euleza Hymas, the advisor over Social Activities, said it is never to late to join.

“Student Activities invites individuals to experience the power of acting for themselves through involvement in student-led programs and events,” according to the Web page.

Hymas said that every semester her journal is filled with experiences of students who were not incredibly social or who did not want to be in the lime light, but began to see their true potential after joining Student Activities.

“College is more than discovering what you want to do with the rest of your life, but who you are personally,” said Sam Thomas, one of the directors of Social Activities and a sophomore studying communication.

Thomas said college is more than coming to school, getting an education and getting a degree.

“We want the students to realize that they have the potential to do something bigger,” Thomas said. “They have the ability and the potential to make a mark on this campus.”

Thomas said there are no stupid ideas when it comes to organizing events and that if students have an idea for an event, they should present it to                 Student Activities.

“Everyone is qualified, and if you feel like you are not qualified, you’re going to be qualified,” said Christopher Sebastian, a coordinator for Social Activities and a freshman majoring in international studies. “It is about acting and not being acted upon.”

Sebastian said taking the initiative is how students can give back to the university instead of focusing on how the university can give back to the student.

“The spirit is present, this group is run by the Lord, it is an inspired program, and there is spiritual growth involved,” Sebastian said. “It doesn’t just prepare you for improving your college experience, but it prepares you for life.”

The eight activity groups that make up Student Activities include social, talent, outdoor, the Outdoor Learning Center, sports, life skills, service and wellness. Each of the groups meet together weekly as well as when they are hosting an activity for the campus, according to the Student Activities Web page.

“We don’t know who you are out there that we’re missing, but we need you,” Hymas said. “That’s my biggest message that I want to say to everyone. We’re missing something because you’re not in here.”

The Student Activities headquarters is located in the Manwaring Center, and students can get information on their weekly meetings and speak with a representative, according to the Student Activities Web page.

Hymas said students interested in joining Student Activities can ask a student leader in the office how they can volunteer, or they can apply online at the Student Activities Web page. Students applying for the first time can volunteer to be either a manager or coordinator.

He said students returning to Student Activities can apply to be leads or directors and also receive a scholarship.