Student biker accident

Reporter Ryan Rasmussen:
When you’re on a bike you have the right of way no matter what, right? Wrong! That’s what a BYU-I Student found out this morning as she darted across this intersection and struck a bus.
On the fifteenth of September at seven fifty an eighteen-year-old girl entered the crosswalk before looking to see if the road was clear. At the same time a small transportation bus was entering the intersection.

Captain Lewis Rexburg Police:
“She was injured. She hit the driver side area of the bus and she received some minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes. She was transported up to the hospital to be checked-out.”

Reporter Ryan Rasmussen:
The bus was issued a citation, however it was not collated with the bike accident. The bus had entered the crosswalk while a pedestrian was in the intersection. The student riding the bike then passed the pedestrian and hit the bus.

Captain Lewis Rexburg Police:
“We issued her a citation for failure to yield to a pedestrian. Not dealing with the bicyclist that collided with it. It was with the pedestrian that was within that crosswalk.”

Reporter Ryan Rasmussen:
Rexburg has seen a jump in accidents since the semester began in the last week alone. This is a major concern for Rexburg police as they ask students to get back to the basics when it comes to road safety.

Captain Lewis Rexburg Police:
“We do have a lot of close calls we have accidents where vehicles fail to yield to pedestrians within the crosswalks. What we’re asking is stop, look, and listen. Check both directions. Just don’t assume you have the right of way. Make sure that the road is clear. Because you don’t have the right of way if a car is so close to constitute a hazard.”

Reporter Ryan Rasmussen:
BYU-Idaho has been bombarded by accidents since the semester began and that is less than a week. Only hours after the first accident a second accident occurred in this exact same intersection. This unprecedented amount of accidents is leading police to start writing citations as they enforce the law. So expect if you break the law you will be ticketed. On 1st West 2nd South, this is Ryan Rasmussen, Scroll Digital.

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  1. Kylie Lewis says:

    I was sorry to hear about this girl being involved in an accident. So many students get distracted when crossing the street and sometimes don’t care to look both ways before crossing. Hopefully students will be more careful when crossing the street and know about the safety rules.

  2. Emily Bean says:

    Good camera work. This was a very good news report. I got the message very clear from it with no questions asked. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kellie Deaver says:

    This is an unfortunate situation. Unfortunately both parties were in the wrong in this situation. Unfortunately they both had to learn things the hard way. I hope that people learn from these situations.

  4. Denver Andersen says:

    Hopefully, one day some people will figure out how to cross a road. Pedestrians/bicyclists need to wait their turn just like anybody else.

  5. Hooligans. As far as bikes go, I fight for more rights for bikers all around rexburg, but at the same time I ask that bikers inform themselves on proper protocol. Its in the BSA handbook.

  6. Hannah Thompson says:

    Great camera work! I enjoyed the interview with Captain Lewis. I liked this news report a lot. Thanks guys!

  7. Carly Calder says:

    Its sad that this happened. It seems to me, that no matter how much sidewalk safety is stressed people aren’t taking it seriously. If both drivers and pedestrians just slowed down and paid attention things like this would happen

  8. Lisa Reid says:

    If both parties were considerate and would let other people go, Cars are tired of waiting forever as hordes of people pass (they need to get to class too) and I feel better when cars wait until i’m out of the way across to drive instead of stopping in the middle of the intersection, with their bumper almost touching me.

  9. I agree! Great angles on the camera work, good thing she is alright!

  10. Mikaela Stevens says:

    I can’t believe how many accidents happen here. Students should be more careful while crossing the street!

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