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Managers of Hemming Village, Windsor Manor and NorthPoint Apartments discussed students’ parking and booting concerns at the city council meeting held April 15.

Richey Webb, manager of Hemming Village, said the complex managers tried increasing visitor parking to decrease booting and towing.

“It’s not that we don’t have enough visitor parking,” Webb said.

He said he thinks the problem is students being careless about where they park.

City Council member Christopher Mann asked if removing booting was an option.

“You have to have some sort of consequence or no one parks in the right spot,” said Rachel Whoolery, manager of Windsor Manor.

JT Hoppins, a resident of Windsor Manor and a sophomore studying communication, said his roommate parked in Windsor Manor’s visitor parking after someone took his assigned spot.

Hoppins said his roommate’s car was booted even though it had the parking permit sticker.

He said booting companies should be more observant when checking for parking stickers.

Trent Vandersloot, manager of NorthPoint, said an option is on-street visitor parking.

“We always have visitors,” said Thomas Kinder, a resident of NorthPoint Apartments and a sophomore majoring in general studies.

Kinder said he sees a lot of visitors parking on the street.

Edward Castaneda, a resident of Bountiful Place and a junior studying business, said he sees a lot of on-street parking at Bountiful, mostly from residents.

“They have to park on the street, since there’s not enough room for parking,” Castaneda said.

Kimberly Hoffman, a resident of Birch Plaza and a sophomore studying animal science, said she thinks there could be a few more residential and visitor parking spots.

“I don’t know how they’d even expand it, though,” Hoffman said.