Dalton Parrish, a sophomore studying business management, passed away on Saturday, June 25, in a car accident.

The Student Representative Council is compiling a book for the Parrish family. Students and faculty are invited to submit photographs and other remembrances to be included to src@byui.edu or to the William F. Rigby Building 262.Heather Lee, a BYU-Idaho alumna, said she and Parrish attended the same ward and high school in Spokane, Washington.

“The first words out of my mouth were ‘No. No, no,’ and then a flood of tears,” Lee said. “My heart aches for his family.”

Conner Vanderholm, a senior studying business management, said he became best friends with Parrish after returning home from his mission in 2011.

“We love him because he was genuine,” Vanderholm said.

Lee said Parrish’s mother unexpectedly passed away a couple months ago.

“I know Dalton is back with his mom, who he loved so dearly,” Lee said. “I am so grateful for that knowledge. But he was just so young and full of life.”

Both Lee and Vanderholm agreed that Parrish was accepting and loving of all people.

“I’ve heard many people over the past week say that when they met Dalton, they thought he was in a completely different social realm — that whoever they were, he payed attention to them and filled them with a sense of belonging,” Vanderholm said. “He was never too good for someone, he just loved people.”

Vanderholm said Parrish was just as vibrant socially as he was spiritually.

“He would undoubtedly be disappointed if I didn’t add his testimony at the end here,” Vanderholm said. “He would want me to tell everyone about the miracle of the atonement and that we will absolutely be together again. No question.”

Funeral services were held July 2.