The BYU-Idaho Student Health Center is available to students on campus. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment before going to the health center. BYU-I has created a new student insurance policy that provides prescription coverage to all students. RACHEL BROWN | Scroll Photography

A recent change to the student health insurance plan includes prescription coverage and 100 percent coverage on specific preventative care services, which are services that help avoid illness and improve health. BYU-Idaho requires all students to have health insurance.

Previously, the school offered two options regarding health insurance: prescription or non-prescription coverage.

Beginning in the fall of 2012, there will only be one option: prescription coverage health insurance.

“We’ve merged the two together this year to save costs,” said Kevin Miyasaki, Student Services and
Activities vice president. “It is more expensive to administer two programs, which then reflects back on the cost to students.”

By merging the programs into one option, all students on student health insurance are able to have prescription coverage.

“It increased the premiums a bit because it costs more to have the prescription plan, but at the same time, it decreased the cost of administering,”Miyasaki said.

There are other changes to the BYU-I health insurance coverage as well. Certain screenings are available including screenings for blood pressure, anemia, obesity, mammograms and immunization vaccines for adults.

Although single students with no dependents will pay an extra $46 each semester, they will now have coverage on prescriptions and on specific preventative care services.

Some students may not want or need the prescription coverage, but due to the new insurance plan, they will still receive prescription coverage.

Students have the option to submit a waiver for school health insurance if they are covered either by their parents’ or by an employer’s insurance policy.

According to the Student Health Center’s website, there are two ways to submit a waiver. Submissions can be made online when students register for classes or by a hard copy at the Health Center.

For more information on health insurance and the changes that will be implemented, visit BYU-I’s Student Health Center website.