New recording artist Jake Chamberlain just released his debut EP called Miss Trouble onto ITunes, which is gaining recognition. This emerging debut album consists of crooner vocals and hip hop beats, but what also makes this EP unique is that it is filled with real orchestra from instrumentalists found at the Brigham Young University- Idaho campus.

Chamberlain’s producer, Randy Slaugh, helped Chamberlain find instrumentalists from students at the Snow building on campus to be part of the album. The EP contains musical variety that contributes to its unique sound. It also contains background vocals from the African society on campus, and other guest vocals from students. Countless hours of work were put into the process being as the short album took about a year and a half. Slaugh, a senior student, tells about his experience being project manager throughout this process.

Slaugh said, “ We made this from scratch, these college kids, so it was really rewarding. I don’t know, I love creating stuff and making it, I guess, doing everything I can within our resources to make it sound pro.”

From the interview with Randy Slaugh, we discovered what contributed to the success of the EP. Slaugh described Chamberlain as one of the best performers he has seen, a great team leader, as well as being a good team leader coupled with a great sense of work ethic. After not enough money was raised from a fundraiser they put on, Chamberlain knew he had to get creative to produce the EP.

Due to the schools renowned music program, Chamberlain came up with the innovative idea to utilize their talents to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

“Oh my gosh, there are all these students that are playing you know great classical music and are taking all their classes, their playing in orchestras, and we were like I bet they have no out, their not ever involved in pop music and we were like I bet they would love to do that,” Chamberlain said

The crew went on campus to different practice rooms scouting for talented instrumentalists. They would listen outside of the practice rooms and if they liked what they heard they would knock on the door and invite them to be a part of the mini album.

Andrew Pincock was one of the students that were able to share his talents on the album through playing bass.

Pincock said, “ It was just a very fun process. A lot of times you’ll come into a project and be told exactly like you know ‘here’s the music and we want you to play this thing, ‘ and for Jake’s album it was just like ‘we picked you Andrew because we want your style to show up on the album.”

Even though this was created through the efforts of passionate college kids, the sound of Chamberlains EP exceeds far beyond that. Through Chamberlains talent and persistence along with student contribution, Miss Trouble emerged. Be sure to check out Jake Chamberlain’s EP on ITunes and the full story at

Reporting live from the Romance Theater, I’m Lisette Larson with Scroll TV News.