Reporter: Rachel Black

BYU-I’s Got Talent was on Thursday night. Students shared their thoughts on the show.

“BYU-I’s Got Talent is just what it sound like, It’s a talent show,” said Kevin Anderson.

“It wasn’t like a high school talent shows, where half the time you’re hoping the kid gets over his stage fright,” said Jeffrey Marsh, “The BYU-Idaho mind set is like, as soon as the guy messed up everyone is just like ‘yeah! Good job guy, keep going!’”

“I really liked the girl who sang her ABC’s with her mouth closed, that was awesome. Super impressive.” Said Sarah Neilsen.

“I don’t know if I would be able to pick a favorite, they’re all so unique, They’re all very different. The beat boxing was great,” said Spencer Wegner.

“Probably the beat boxer, he was my favorite,” said Jeffrey Marsh, “It’s incredible that he can get that noise, those sounds out of his mouth, it’s like crazy.”

“I thought it was really fun,”said Sarah Neilsen.

“I loved it, I thought that it was fantastic,” said Wegner.