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Students advocate for the family at UN

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Rarick said the students have held events in the past in which they present and discuss certain topics and the audience can ask questions and argue their stance on the topic.

Wené said she thought it was neat to be able to discuss problems that one country has with different people who suggested different solutions.

“We are not representing the Church, but we are representing a group of people who are for the family,” Priestley said. “I think you have to get to a point where you’re prepared to make a stand and that’s not always easy because it’s not always popular.”

Rarick said there was a student who was at an event one year that had very liberal opinions being voiced. He said the student was very shy but started to walk toward the front of the room.

Rarick said he was nervous about what she was going to say and how the people would react to it.

Rarick said she asked, “Are you saying that churches that have existed, religions for thousands of years, need to now change their doctrines because it doesn’t fit into what you believe? Basically you’re saying your opinion should trump theirs even though they have existed for this long?”

He said he couldn’t remember if that was what she asked exactly, but she listened to the spirit and found confidence in herself.

Rarick said BYU-I faculty has made it clear that this group should only attend as a neutral group, not religious.

“To me, this is part of President Eyring’s prophecy where he said, ‘Where did that come from?’” Rarick said. “Well, come to Rexburg, come to the United Nations and you may not be able to see it, but you’ll feel it.”

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