Students dress in 19th century attire as they attend the Jane Austen Yule Ball on Nov. 30 in the Manwaring Center. Students also came out of comfort zones while dancing as characters in Austen’s novels would have. RENAE GRILLIOT | Scroll Photography

BYU-Idaho students were able to get out of their comfort zones and enjoy the atmosphere of the Jane Austen Yule Ball in the Manwaring Center Nov. 30.

“I like this style of dancing. I’ve never done that before, but I’ve always wanted to,” said Amanda Lloyd, a freshman studying sociology.

Many students said they were able to make light of missteps while learning the dances moves.

“It’s really funny to see people when they mess . When you’re in sync, and you make one mistake, everybody knows. It’s fun though because when you get off time you just laugh about it,” said Parker Geren, a freshman majoring in general studies.

Aubree Penovich, senior studying elementary education, was a co-manager for the ball. Auvreepenovich and her committee have been planning the event since late September. She said that even though the beginning might be a bit difficult, it’s just something to laugh off.

“You have to come out of your comfort zone a little bit but I think that’s for anything you do. You feel uncomfortable for the first little bit I think because you don’t know the dances but the dances are easy enough that people get into it really quick,” said Penovich. “Everyone I’ve seen, even if they don’t get it, they just have fun trying to figure it out.”

Orchestra members said they had a new experience as they performed for the dancers.

“I’ve never done this type of thing before, where we follow the dancers, and it was a really good experience as a musician for me to be able to be in that type of setting, because it’s a type of setting that’s very plausible for a musician,” said Linda Seare, a junior studying music education.

Many students said they were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the dance, especially the live music performed by the orchestra.

“I love the setting and the music. How often do you get to listen to this kind of music? But it’s just a beautiful variety of instruments. Everyone is getting into the dress and people are going to the length and the effort to dress as period as possible,” said Zach Stoddard, a senior studying computer information technology.

Some students said they were able to enjoy seeing others outside their usual style of dress.

“It’s a lot different than jeans. You can see more of who people are,” said Emily Ward, a freshman studying construction management.

Danielle Gorman, another co-manager for the ball, said it was rewarding watching the students dance in harmony because she was the dance instructor during the practices.

“It’s such a good feeling when they get it, and they look fantastic when they’re all in sync,” Gorman said.