The student wellness activities center recently held a Try a Tri number one on the BYU-Idaho campus.

“So I think it is building a lot of teamwork for the biggest winner participants. Which is like a weight loss program that the school does. So a lot of them are just working together really well, the coaches are pushing each other, and pushing their participants and I think it’s just bringing a lot of unity. So its been great, its been fun,” said Amarie Jimenez, a senior studying health science.

Participants have been preparing for the Try a Tri for weeks in advance.

“My team has been showing up at the gym at about 7 o’clock in the morning and we run or bike for about 10 minutes in the morning and then they put us through a pretty rigorous exercise after that,” said Barry Holman, a senior studying occupational health and safety.

The Try a Tri consisted of running 1.5 miles, biking 6 miles and swimming 300 meters.

“I thoroughly enjoy the cardio but the cardio is probably the better part for me,” said Holman.

The student wellness activities center will be holding a second try a tri, were the distance is doubled, on Saturday June 6th. All who wish to join can sign up at the BYU-Idaho Student activities webpage,

This is Tara Banks from BYU-Idaho, Scroll TV News.