Some students may have dwindling options during the seven week break because of high gas prices.

The decision to go home may not always be financially feasible.

Rising gas prices have caused plane tickets to go as well, preventing many students from being able to afford the trip home.

Round-trip flights for the seven week break vary from $150 to $560, depending on the final destination.

Flights from the Salt Lake City Airport to the east coast range from $275 to $560, Midwest flights range from $260 to $540 and flights to the west coast range from $150 to $330.

For those who choose to stay in Rexburg, there is always the option of getting a step closer to graduation by taking to nine credit hours during the summer session.

Select courses are offered during the break at $145 per credit hour. Different courses are offered in a variety of ways including lecture and online classes.

The summer session runs from July 23 to September 7.

For some students, however, the seven week break could provide an opportunity to make some extra money before the fall semester starts.

Various jobs that students held during the spring semester could allow them to continue working during the break, with working hours in some cases being increased to full time.

In many cases, these students stay in these jobs during the fall semester as well.

“I’m going to stay because I have a full-time job here on campus,” said Zachary Mercado, a junior studying English. “If I go home, who would hire me for seven weeks?”

Mercado says that going home would be nice, but the enticement of being able to work is enough to keep him here.

Mercado says the experience he had in serving a mission has made it easier to be away from his family.

For other students, the idea of a vacation could be too much to resist.

“I want to go home and surf,” said Adam Hales, a sophomore studying business. “I’ll be driving home as soon as I’m done with finals.”

Hales says the 14-hour drive home to Redondo Beach, Calif. is worth it to spend the break with his family.

While at home, some students take the opportunity to seek out temporary work but Hales says he is not among them.

“I’m not going to even try getting a job,” Hales said. “I’m just going to relax!”