Melanie Meik, a junior studying art history, slides down the slip and slide on July 7. The BYU-Idaho Wellness Activities set the slip ’n slide by the
BYU-I ice rink near the lower fields. JENNIFER KEETCH | Scroll Photography

BYU-Idaho students trying to beat the heat gathered on the lower fields July 7 to get wet and cool down.

The BYU-I Wellness Activities set a slip and slide down the hill by the ice rink for anyone to come and cool down on the slip and slide.

“We’re always trying to get cool and have some fun in the water this summer, especially since our apartment doesn’t have any air conditioning. It’s pretty much what we do any time we have the chance,” said Cali Laney, a sophomore studying nursing.

At times it can be difficult to stay cool during the spring semester at BYU-I because many apartments in Rexburg do not have air conditioning. However this is not usually much of a problem since eastern Idaho has cold temperatures for much of the year.

Spots such as Rexburg Rapids or the Spray Park section of the Rexburg Porter Park are available to offer relief for many who are looking to cool down.

“Sometimes you forget how hot Rexburg can get since the winters here are so brutal, but now we’re all trying to get wet and take advantage of the heat we got,” said Devon Crookston, a sophomore studying biology, “It also helps me not be so scary glowing pale since I can get outside and get a little bit of a tan.”

Wellness Activities looks to take advantage of the weather and find ways to help students stay active while staying cool.

“We’ve been trying to expand the activities the wellness program offers in order to get more people involved. We’ve seen that the people who come to our other events are people that are already really fit, runners, triathletes, and others. said Bowdrie Price, a sophomore studying business management and the student director for BYU-I Wellness Activities. “We want to get people who maybe aren’t that comfortable with those things involved in the wellness program.”

Price said that he hopes more students will try to get involved in the program for their own health and to promote healthy lifestyles.

“Just because it’s a little bit warm doesn’t mean you need to run from the sun, just put some sun block on and go enjoy the heat. I think people should be more active in the hot weather, not less,” said Jesse Kempler, a junior studying communication.

This is the first time Wellness Activities has put together the giant slip and slide.

“We usually put on things like races and the Biggest Winner, so it’s fun to try something new in order to reach out to students,” said Price.